Speed Monster

August 31, 2019
Not Your Dad’s Hat
May 13, 2020



Keep a leash on this beast! The Speed Monster is the ultimate mushy wave machine. It features a wider nose, broader tail, flatter rocker and deck, with a deep single to double concave. This board will sink its fins into anything if it feels the need for speed. The Speed Monster is the ideal board for easy paddling, wave catching, fast rides, and big aerials. This board also rips in wave pools. It’s the perfect pool toy!

Ride this board 2” to 4” shorter than your everyday board.

SIZE: 5’0” – 6’4”
CONCAVE: Single, Double
TAIL: Round, Swallow, Squash, Diamond
WAVE: 2ft – 6ft
FINS: FCS, Future, FCS 2

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate to Pro