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August 31, 2019
Fish Slayer
August 31, 2019



The McAir is a signature model Quiver Board, originally crafted for pro-surfer, Eric McHenry. Now, it can be a part of your own quiver! Want an epic stick that will cut through the water like butter, boost your maneuverability, and help you stay slotted in the barrels?  Grip into this wave runner! We cut away the length and balanced it out with wider rails, a fatter nose, and a broader tail. Featuring a flatter low-entry rocker and a subtle concave rounding out at the fin, the McAir will keep you out of the soup and taming the ocean.

This board is ridden 2”-4” shorter in height and 3/4″ to 1 1/4” wider than your normal board.

SIZE: 5’0” – 6’4”
CONCAVE: Single, Deep single
TAIL: Half moon, Swallow, Squash or Diamond
WAVE: 2ft – 6ft
FINS: FCS, Future

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate to Pro