El Presidente

Camo Snapback Quiverboard
September 2, 2018



El Presidente is a classic longboard rocking a timeless design. This easy-to-ride cruiser is primed for beginners and longboard shredders alike. Glide on soft, mushy small-waves when you’re looking to just take it slow. Take on the big waves if you’re feeling a bit braver. The flat rocker, rolled vee, and belly bottom will make it easy to maintain balance, stay up on the board, and navigate with ease. If you’re an avid rider that just wants to go out and shred, the increased width and thickness will keep your ride stable for barrels, snaps, or just hangin’ 10. El Presidente is worthy of your quiver!


SIZE: 8’ – 10’6’’
CONCAVE: Single, Double
TAIL: Squash, Rounded pin, Thumb
WAVE: 1ft – 6ft
FINS: FCS, Future, FCS 2

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner to Intermediate