Camo Snapback Quiverboard
September 2, 2018
Camo Snapback Quiverboard 2
September 19, 2018



The semi-egg Commissioner commands supreme authority and control over the surf. Its sprawling size allows for longer paddles, better handling in a variety of wave conditions, and more agility while sailing through your sets. This powerful surfboard seals the deal with a pulled-in tail and added vee for looseness. If you’re seeking a solid board, working up your noseriding game, or just carving, theCommissioner is a regal leader!

This is a great board for beginners.

SIZE: 7’6” – 9’
CONCAVE: Single, Double, Squash
TAIL: Squash, Rounded pin, Thumb
WAVE: 1ft – 6ft
FINS: FCS, Future, FCS 2

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner to Intermediate